BERGUITTA is passing Mauritius as I write and we have had an easy outcome!

Cyclone BERGUITTA – last update

FINAL UPDATE 4pm weather bulletin: Cyclone warning has been lifted in Mauritius. There is no more Cyclone Warning in force in Mauritius. Still be careful out there some areas are experiencing strong wind still. UPDATE 10:23am - The latest cyclone warning has just been confirmed and Mauritius is STAYING in Class 3 Cyclone Warning. The …

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Stuffed calamari, main dish at 1974, da Antonio e Giulia - authentic Italian restaurant in Mauritius

Dinner at 1974, da Antonio e Giulia – Trou aux Biches

Trou-aux-Biches is a small town located on the Coastal Road a few kilometers south from Grand Bay in the North of Mauritius. There are always a lot of Italian restaurants in every country I think, but the actual 'Italian' is sometimes well hidden away, if you know what I mean. This week-end we tried out …

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Cyclone BERGUITTA – Update 2.0

UPDATE - 10:30am weather bulletin by Meteo France - BERGUITTA has just been downgraded to Intense Tropical Storm. Mauritius Met Services keep it as Tropical Cyclone. This means the system is weakening and this is good news! Cyclone Warning Class 3 As expected, Mauritius' alert was raised this morning at 4am by the Mauritius Meteorological …

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