Legoland Malaysia: Legoland Hotel Review

One of the reasons we went to Singapore last April, was a promised trip, and very awaited for stay over, at Legoland Malaysia!

Hotel Review: Legoland Hotel Malaysia - Where to stay when visiting Legoland - Hotel close to Legoland #legolandmalaysia #legolandhotel #hotel in Johor Bahru
Hotel Review: Legoland Hotel Malaysia

Last year in July I took the kids to Legoland Billund (the original Legoland park in Denmark) and the kids absolutely loved it. I went alone with the kiddos and they insisted on the father also having a go at the famous amusement park: Denmark being a bit far away from Mauritius, Malaysia it was instead. We have been to Legoland in Johor Bahru before, as day trip from Singapore. It is very feasible, but this time we decided to try out the Legoland Hotel, located just next to the park. To be honest, I don’t know what was most popular with the kiddos: the hotel or the park!

Transfers to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore

There are different ways to go from Singapore to Legoland in Johor Bahru. The easiest (and probably the most costly) is to organise a driver from the Legoland Hotel to pick you up! We have tried all the other ways and this is what we did! The driver picked us up at the Sheraton Towers, where we were staying, and off we went: a 50 minutes drive. The drive was easy, no traffic at that time of the day (we left at 11am) and being in a car is definitely the easiest way to cross the Malaysia/Singapore boarder: no need to get down from the car (unlike the bus where you have to exit and cross the boarder by foot). We arrived to the hotel around noon, yay! with very excited kids.

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Lobby of Legoland Hotel Malaysia - Pirate Ship in Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Lobby of Legoland Hotel Malaysia

The Legoland Hotel Malaysia

The first surprise was absolutely the lobby – huge pits filled with lego blocks, a pirate ship and a castle to play in, kids running around everywhere, parents sitting and building legos – not far from heaven, at least for Lego fans.

a little information about Lego

So you might (or not) know, that Lego is Danish! ouiiii another reason to be proud haha. It all started in a small carpenter workshop, with one man Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891–1958), in 1932. Back then he built wooden toys. It is today one of the most well known toys in the world. The name Lego comes from the two first letters of 2 words: Leg Godt, that means ‘play well’. The brick as we know it today dates from 1958. And yes – we are all fans in the family: adults and kids alike. When I was pregnant with Kiddos 1, we used build Starwars Lego with my husband – a collection that is still growing today.

Anyways I regress… back to our hotel!

The kiddos disappeared in a Lego-brick pit and we went to check in. We had booked online and prepaid already – you can arrange for what type of room you want, transport, tickets for the parks (waterpark and Legoland) on the Legoland Hotel website and it was nice and easy.

The rooms at Legoland Hotel Malaysia

The kiddos really wanted a Ninjago room, but unfortunately none were available at the time of booking. I discovered, during our stay, that they only have 8 rooms of that type so probably not easy to come by. We had a Pirate premium room and the kiddos still loved it! Before we get to the rooms a little note has to go to the elevator entertainment: they have disco balls and music (think ‘everything is awesome‘ and that type) – so we always got a little boogie in the lift – the kiddos of course thought more hotels should have this…

The rooms were very pirat-ey and the kids thought it was so much fun! The rooms are not as big as they look on the website, but still a comfortable size. The bunk-beds were a huge hit. The bathroom is ok, not huge though, with a shower only but with 2 sinks, 1 for adults and a lower one for the smaller in the family. The main bedroom was also a good size. The rooms come with small welcome cookies as amenities, coffee and tea making facilities, free bottles of water everyday and a lot of bathroom amenities if needed.

For the kids the hotel prepares a small treasure hunt: they have to find different things around the room, the final number gives them a code for a special safe and inside was a couple of small lego packs to build! Great idea to keep the kiddos busy while the parents settle in. The kids used the safe during the whole stay to store all their toys.

We decided to stay 2 nights and it was actually a good thing: we got to do the water park and Legoland on 2 separate days without needing to rush or arriving too late back in Singapore on the 3rd day.

Restaurants at the Legoland Hotel Malaysia

Maybe because we spend most of our current lives in hotels, we are not the big hotel restaurant fans when we travel – and that was true also here so we only had breakfast preferring to go out for lunch and dinner. However we still had breakfast here and they also have a few other dining options available.

Main Restaurant at Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Main Restaurant at Legoland Hotel Malaysia

For breakfast you get time slots (doesn’t mean you can’t come at other times, but you’ll have to wait if full I guess). The Brick Family restaurant is huge and looks a bit like a canteen, to be honest. The food is ok – they have a lot of options: from Malay curries to full English Breakfast – a lot of fresh cut fruits and fresh fruit juices as well. We took 9:30am slots and I think at that time the big of the crowd was already out of the way! It is very kid oriented of course, with colourful plates, lego features everywhere. They also serve a buffet dinner here.

They have 2 other restaurants: an Italian restaurant, Di Mattoni open for dinner only and a Sushi Bar, Kai’s Sushi Bar, this is open for lunch and dinner. There is also a little snack/cake counter in front of the main restaurant. All the restaurants are located on the lobby floor.

Entertainment at the Legoland Hotel Malaysia

The lego-brick pits were the biggest entertainment of all. Open 24/7 (that has its advantages and disadvantages – that all parents can just imagine), the kiddos managed to spend so much time there! Every month the hotel organises a ‘build a lego model’ competition. While we were there it was dinosaur month! Every day kids can build their dinosaur and make an entry for a price. The price is given out daily at 7 pm. The kiddos managed to build a few a 1 was a winner. Kiddos 2 was so proud and happy! It was really a great activity, getting kids and parents together to do something. A few others I remember coming up: build your shield or build your flag…

A part from that they had character apparitions or magic tricks performances, for example. Information on all of these activities are displayed in the main lobby. There are also a couple of shops: a small Lego Store (they are selling more at the park though) and also a gift shop – mostly with lego items of course but also swimming costumes, sun creams and such, should you need. Little note on Lego pack prices: I checked a few and most of them seemed on par with UK prices – except for Lego Friends that were much more expensive.

They also have a pool located on the 5th floor – nice if the kids are not tired enough after a day at Legoland… mine were more interested in the lobby though.

Why stay at the Legoland Hotel Malaysia

The obvious reason is that it is very convenient when you visit Legoland itself. The park opens at 10am and closes at 6pm. Some of the tickets are multiple entries, which I think is super nice, specially if you a visiting with smaller ones – you can go in and out of the park; also if it suddenly starts pouring down – like it can very well do in that part of the world!

The other reason is that, even though yes it can be a bit a lot with all this lego, colours and features everywhere, well the odds are that you are there for the kids sake and I found it really added value to our trip extending all the fun.

The kids were super sad when time was coming to leave. They absolutely had the best of time while we were on holidays. The best hotel money ever spend on my children!

I’d suggest to book you check out their website directly to have a look at their deals.

Hotel Review: Legoland Hotel Malaysia - Where to stay when visiting Legoland - Hotel close to Legoland



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  1. I’d be like a kid in a candy store in that lobby Julz LOL. I never knew a Dane created Legos. Cool history lesson as well. One of my fave kids toy by far, the tried and true Lego. This hotel looks like it rocks! Super review.



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