A day with the kids at Sugar Beach Mauritius – from lunch to sunset

I often take the kids to the beach to spend an afternoon – now that autumn is setting in and the days are not so hot and humid anymore, I think it is the perfect time to go! No need to worry too much about sunburns, the kiddos actually enjoy it more as it’s not that hot. Most of the time we go to public beaches, as the one in Mont Choisy or Trou aux Biches – the other option is to spend the afternoon at a hotel.

View of Sugar Beach Mauritius #hotel in Mauritius #kid friendly hotel in Mauritius #mauritius #ilemaurice

Last Friday I decided to treat the kids to a little luxury afternoon – Kiddos 1, despite being very nervous, did super well in her swimming gala and I thought that must celebrated. Big celebrations are great, but I think that smaller things are as important.

View of Sugar Beach Mauritius #hotel in Mauritius #kid friendly hotel in Mauritius #mauritius #ilemaurice
View of Sugar Beach Mauritius

The Sugar Beach Mauritius

Part of the Sun Group, the Sugar Beach is one of these hotels that has been around forever. The first time my parents came to Mauritius they actually stayed there, that was 20 years ago.

The hotel is a big favourite for tourists and locals alike, and there are good reasons for that. It is truly a beautiful property: huge gardens, fabulous beach, gorgeous sunsets – many food and beverage options and well appointed rooms.

I have never stayed at the hotel but we did take a day room – I find it easier when with the children (also because we were coming directly from school) and we were lucky to get all these lovely amenities you can see on the bed! The kiddos loved all their pouches and other goodies. I have to say I didn’t find the rooms particularly big though they do have a nice bathroom and the terrace had beach view, which is lovely. Other of their rooms have garden views but they are all in the direction of the ocean, some are located on ground floor, others on the first floor.

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Lunch at the Sugar Beach Mauritius

It was such a beautiful day and we had lunch in Tides, the beachfront restaurant. They offer an international cuisine – salads, pizzas, tapas or sushi for example. They are very children oriented and have a large children menu. My salad was very nice – palm heart is a speciality both in Mauritius and Reunion Island. It is fresh here, nothing to do with the ones you get prepacked in brine in supermarkets in Europe: this one is crunshy – palm heart is high in fiber and potassium, low in calories. It is not at all served in the same way on the 2 islands – I actually prefer the Reunion Island style, but this is also nice! It was served with smoked marlin (Mauritius’ answer to smoked salmon) which is actually very good. Specially when enjoyed with gorgeous views, happy kiddos and a crisp glass of rosé! The kids were quickly finished with their food and off runing on the beach, to the pool or to the kids club. The great thing about being in a hotel is that the kids can roam freely around.

Kids on the beach at Sugar Beach Mauritius - activities for children in Mauritius
Beach at Sugar Beach Mauritius

Activities for Children at the Sugar Beach

Sun Kids, the kids club for all the hotels of the Sun Group, is reknown for being very good across their hotels (La Pirogue, Long Beach and Sugar Beach of course) – my favorite goes to the Long Beach – but the kids had a very good time here as well. They asked to go, only stayed for an hour – but managed to get a good play as well as the traditional ‘gouter de 4 heures’ – that’s the name of the snacks kids get when back from school in France (why it’s called “4 heures” I am not entirely sure!). They have a large garden and a swimming area for the small ones. The actual indoor space is a bit dark and the other thing it is located in a far corner of the resort, so it’s quite a walk. As long as the kids like it, that’s the most important though! There was painted T-shirts hanging outside to dry, if I should guess from an activity earlier in the day – Sun Kids are usually very good with daily activities.

The pool is located in the centre of the resort – there is a ‘kids side’ that is shallow and also a deeper end. The kids thought the water was starting to be a bit cold (but now they are completely spoiled and say it’s cold when it’s 25!) – I wonder where they get that from, or maybe not! If you know me, you also know that I don’t have much viking blood when it comes to coldish weather (or water, for that matter). The pool is very nice though and the kids had tons of fun!

The beach of course is always full of wonders and the one at the Sugar Beach does not disappoint: hermit crabs, shells, shallow waters with small fishes swimming around and of course crab hunting – they love to run after the tiny crabs and see who can catch the most.

Kids on the beach of Sugar Beach Mauritius at Sunset - Hotels in Mauritius - #Mauritius #Hotels in Mauritius #Things to do in Mauritius #Beach in Mauritius - #IleMaurice
Beach of Sugar Beach Mauritius at Sunset

Other Activities at the resort 

Well mammies also deserve some R&R – not that I really took advantage but for adults there are obviously also some things to do! Just as Long Beach, Sugar Beach’s spa is also Cinq Mondes – now I haven’t tried this one, but I would assume that their rituals are the same and well it is a nice treat! They have numerous water-sports to enjoy (some are free, others for a fee) and they have a lot of diving options just outside the lagoon. The also have a very nice adults-only pool (located not far from the kids club) – I think that is needed for those who need a little break from the very kid friendly hotel. The hotel is very big, it is not like you have screaming children everywhere at all, but some adults do like it quiet (even parents!).

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Adults only pool at Sugar Beach Mauritius - Hotels in Mauritius
Adults only pool at Sugar Beach Mauritius

Other than this, I was lucky that they were organising a small event on the beach for sunset the day we went. People of the Sun is a musical event organised at the Sugar Beach during some week-ends. Last week-end they had EvaD playing for sunset. I thought it went very well with the location and the sunset. You can check out next week-ends program here; if you are coming from the outside, make sure to call ahead for a reservation.

EvaD playing at Sugar Beach Mauritius for the musical event Sun of the People - Hotels in Mauritius
EvaD playing at Sugar Beach Mauritius

They are serving snacks and drinks on the beach during the event and there was a nice atmosphere – shame we couldn’t stay a bit later, but we have along drive home from the west coast!

Just before we left, we enjoyed a magnificent sunset! I just love this time of the day. We really had a lovely time and if I listen to the kids we should go every week-end!

Fishermen boat at Sunset at the Sugar Beach Mauritius - Hotels in Mauritius - #Mauritius #Hotels in Mauritius #Things to do in Mauritius #Beach in Mauritius - #IleMaurice
Fishermen boat at Sunset at the Sugar Beach Mauritius

I have just received a notification on my Facebook account, that the Long Beach Mauritius, our neighbour and one of my favourite in Mauritius, is organising a People of the Sun event this week end! So even though it happens without sunset (being on the east coast) am sure the set up is going to be awesome! I know what I am doing Friday for sunset – here is the event: People of the Sun at Long Beach. I like these kind of event that showcase local musicians and as for the Sugar Beach, make sure you make a reservation!

View of Sugar Beach Mauritius #hotel in Mauritius #kid friendly hotel in Mauritius #mauritius #ilemaurice





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