Airline Review: a Business Class flight with Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius is the National Airline for Mauritius and it celebrated its 50th anniversary in June 2017. It is a small company with it’s ups and downs (service wise), but generally speaking it’s as good (or as average) as nearly all the other options out there. They have 17 aircrafts – including the 2 brand new A350-900, that everyone are very proud off and more new planes scheduled this year and next. Unfortunately I have not tried them – lucky hubby has though so I have a picture to share.

Business Class flyer at the International Airport in Mauritius

There is a separate queue for Air Mauritius business class and silver/gold Kerstelflyer guests. You cannot miss it! But still check the bag drop line which can often be faster. Do you ever wonder why it takes so much time when people check in? Anyways, most of the time the service is courteous and nothing very interesting. You also have a Premium line for emigration and security checks – and that is awesome when the airport is busy. It can take a long time to get through emigration – as much as on the way in!

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Sitting area in the Business Class Lounge at the International Airport in Plaisance, Mauritius
Sitting area in the Business Class Lounge

Since we have been living in Mauritius we have been clocking up a few miles and have been able to enjoy more business class flights. Not a bad thing. This time the trip goes to Cape Town and I am on an old and small A319.

Air Mauritius Business Class on the A319

The business class is a small as the plane… with 16 spaces. I have the impression that they have upgraded the seats though since I did this route last time. They appear wider and the covers seem new as well.

Business Class seat on A319 Air Mauritius
Business Class seat on A319 Air Mauritius

Like on all A319, I don’t think Business Class actually existed and they have created it with leaving the middle seat empty, inserting an arm rest to create an impression of more space for the traveler. This transforms the 3 person sitting arrangement into a 2 person one. The cabin is full (and I don’t like weird looks when I take pictures) so you get a picture of my little corner. Am on last row and lucky enough to have no one in the other seat. The seats are just a little reclinable (no luxury of a flat bed here) but there is plenty of space in between the seats: so much I can barely put my feet on the foot rest. You could argue that it is not really worth using my miles on, but I don’t often fly without the kiddos and I like to enjoy it (trying not to feel too bad for leaving them behind for a week-end). So a sneaky glass of bubbles and a bit of peace for mammy here! There are no individual tv screens though which I think is a bit poor on a 6hours flight nowadays – good thing I loaded the iPad with some Netflix movies.

Service on the Air Mauritius A319 to Cape Town

I have to be honest and say that Air Mauritius has become better these past few months and the service is attentive and relaxed. Smiley greeting and welcome drink as soon as you arrive. This is a 9am flight so they propose different kinds of juices and water. Soft pillows and blankets are at disposal. The seat next to me is empty, well nearly as it is loaded with extra blankets and 20 newspapers. Am not fussed, but it shouldn’t be there. I put the newspapers in the over head-locker after take-off, the blankets somehow disappear – and I don’t think anyone ever gets newspaper.

Take off on time and short after departure breakfast is served… choice of omelette or mango pancakes – selection of yogurts, breads and pastries. The omelette is actually nicer than the one I had with Emirates, the bread is warm. Not too bad. I don’t do tea and coffee on planes – I have my doubts on the quality of the water – who knows maybe am wrong.

The cabin is kept clean during the flight, the toilets are – well clean-ish airplane toilets, as they come!

No goodies though, small pouches with whatever they put in there (socks, creams, thingies to cover your eyes). On a flight nearly as long as going to Dubai, I think they could make a little effort – not that I really need it, it’s a matter of principle. But I have travelled on Emirates since this and well, I didn’t get any pouch either (but then we had such a grumpy crew, it was unbelievable).

During the flight the cabin is kept very quiet, with minimal disturbance (that is for me the best part of flying Business Class) – they serve drinks when you request, but I feel they could be just a little more present – I know I am allowed to, but I don’t like using the little bell button… I prefer that the crews come by themselves.

Other business class flights on Air Mauritius

As I mentioned my husband has been on the A350 and their business class is very nice: up-to-date and looking good! Single seats, nice colours, lots of space… Reminds me a bit of the business on Turkish Airlines. I have also been on the A330/A340s on Air Mauritius – the planes that fly to Singapore and most of the European routes (London and Paris get sometimes now the A350) and their planes are old and need to be upgraded compared to competition.

Business Class Cabin on new A350 Air Mauritius
Business Class Cabin on new A350 Air Mauritius

I was actually in the Air Mauritius offices last week to book our upcoming trip and they are upgrading all of their cabins already – so that will be a good thing. The A330 and A319 should be upgraded for July ’18.


I think that more than any airline, checking what flight you are on really makes a difference when flying Air Mauritius – it’s much more fun to be on the new planes! On a destination like Cape Town, they are the only to offer direct flights so I don’t have much of an option as I don’t fancy going through Jo’Burg on the way – but there are big differences on the experience in Business Class. On this particular flight, there are a few things they could improve, I found, to make the experience a little more exciting.

The good and not good points of my Business Class flight to Cape Town on Air Mauritius

  • The overall service is very ok – but the traditional Mauritian smiles.
  • The breakfast was not half bad, the small sandwiches they serve as snack however, should not be authorised. They were so boring – I can’t believe why someone even thinks it’s a good idea!
  • I have flown with Turkish on an A319 in Business. The sitting arrangement was the same, but they offered private tablets for movies (and all the other usual services) that is a good compromise – to only provide the old drop down screen, that barely works, with just a couple of movies is a bit (very) poor.
  • I feel the staff could be a little more present to see if their guests need something during the flight. After they cleared breakfast, they came with duty free and the hostess came twice for her own bag that she had put in the overhead lockers in Business Class – but not for the guests. It takes 2 minutes to walk through with a tray of drinks.
  • A bottle of water, a pouch with socks, creams, would also be a nice touch – just sayin.
  • No WiFi on this flight obviously – not all that super important, but you know as all technology you get used to it, and I like sending my loved ones a little message now and again.

Flying Business Class on Air Mauritius

4 thoughts on “Airline Review: a Business Class flight with Air Mauritius

  1. Nice! Looks way better than the “business class” that we have in Scandinavia.
    Your cover photo looks a lot like old film shot. I mean the colors. How did you do that?


    1. I took the picture through the window at the airport, I think there was a sun protecting film on there. Then I just soften adding some warmth at edit – I think it was a bit cloudy and it helped the sun getting this mellow light.

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