Restaurants in Mauritius

On this page you will find the posts of all the restaurants we have visited in Mauritius. Non sponsored reviews of hotel restaurants, outside restaurants and local eateries.

Lunch and dinner in Hotels around Mauritius
Outside restaurants
Street Food in Mauritius

Lunch and dinner in Hotels around Mauritius

Chocolate mousse and lavender kulfi, Amari by Vineet, Lux Belle Mare, Mauritiu

Amari by Vineet at the Lux Belle Mare is the Indian restaurant on the East Coast. It’s refined, the food is excellent, the paired cocktails a true discovery and the service excellent. Guaranteed a good evening out!

Where: Lux Belle Mare, Belle Mare


Indigo at Belle Mare Plage
is a great spot for a lovely and fancy lunch on the beach. The views are stunning, light salads, grilled fish or sushi – they have it all on the menu. The atmosphere is relaxed, so is the service. Relaxing Sunday family lunch? this is the place!

Where: Constance Belle Mare Plage, Poste de Flac

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Other restaurants

Italian restaurant in Trou aux Biches

A great Italian restaurant 1974, Da Antonio e Giulia located in the North of the island, in the little coastal village Trou-aux-Biches. Italian owners with good food, in a great little spot! A must go if you are in the North of the Island.

Where: Trou-aux-Biches, Grand Bay, North



We do like Dim Sum in the family. We eat out quite a lot and Chinese always tops high. Grand Ocean in Port Louis is currently one of the best Dim Sum restaurants in Mauritius.

Where: Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis


A good Greek is always a good idea I think! At Zorbas The Greek in Grand Baie you get authentic food. The views are fab over the bay, for lunch and dinner. I had lunch there and love it! The chef, Zorba?, is Greek.

Where: Coastal Road in Grand Baie, North Coast

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Street Food in Mauritius

A bowl of boulettes at le Ti Kouloir - the best place to eat boulettes in Grand Baie.
Boulettes are one of the Mauritian street foods you must try if you enjoy eating on the go! You might wonder what boulettes actually are? and where to try them if you are staying in the Grand Baie area – read about my quick lunch at Ti Kouloir.

Where: Grand Baie, North Coast

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My reviews for restaurants in Mauritius - Hotel restaurants and local food



2 thoughts on “Restaurants in Mauritius

  1. Stacey Billingsley

    Mauritius looks like a great place for eating for sure! Amari looks especially yummy, especially your picture of dessert. I’d also want to try the Chinese place and the Greek food. I always like to eat when I take a trip!


    1. food is an institution in Mauritius! I don’t think I have ever met so many people who like to eat so much and talk about food as well 🙂 Mauritius is a place to visit if you like food!


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