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Find all the posts about the things to do on Mauritius: outdoor activities, things to do with your children, a museum day or a trip to the market! I give you honest reviews of places we have been – you have it all here.

Tips and Guides to Mauritius
Things to do in Mauritius with kids
Cultural Visits and Museums in Mauritius
Markets and other discoveries around Mauritius
Beaches in Mauritius

Tips and guides to Mauritius

Berguitta became a cyclone this morning a 0530UTC -

All informations about Cyclones in Mauritius: whether you are looking for information on the warning system or where to find the most accurate and latest updates, this post is what you need!

Tags: Tips and Guides


bus stop in Mauritius - public transportation in Mauritius
Do you need information about getting around in Mauritius: Should you want to take the bus or wondering how taxis work on the island you have it all here.

Tags: Tips and Guides


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Things to do in Mauritius with kids and other outdoor activities
Aquarium in Mauritius, Pointe au Piment

A review of the Mauritius Aquarium. If you plan going, have a read – just so you know what to expect at this little attraction in Pointe aux Piments.

Where: North Coast



Discover La Vanille N
ature Park, or Crocodile park – we spend half a day here and the kiddos had so much fun. A must do with children when you visit Mauritius! Learn all about the activities and how to plan your day.

Where: South Coast – Tags: Outdoor Activity

Domaine de l’Etoile – a private estate open for discoveries and fun! Located on the eastern coast of the island, this nature reserve is full of activities for small children and big ones as well! Quad and buggies, trails, pony rides and zip-lines. A great place for the whole family or just for adults.

Where: East Coast – Tags: Outdoor activity

One of the best family hikes of the island. Discover amazing views of the island at the top of Le Pouce mountain, called so because it’s cute thumb like shape. An interesting and diverse hike, fit for all.

Where: Central Mauritius – Tags: Outdoor Activity, Hiking in Mauritius


CIEL Ferney Trail - 4km kids race

Ferney Trail – Mauritius has lots of trails organised during the year. Read this post to check how they are organised and what a fun day out it is! The kids did the 4km fun race and had such an awesome time.

Where: East Coast – Tags: Outdoor Activity

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Cultural visits and Museums in Mauritius

Blue Penny Museum in Port Louis
Visit The Blue Penny Museum
in Port Louis! Learn all about our famous stamp, Paul et Viriginie and discover a great exposition about maps. They also do temporary expositions. Located in Le Caudan Waterfront.

Where: Port Louis – Tags: Le Caudan


Discover the beautiful red roofed church, Notre Dame l’Auxiliatrice. Located in the small fishermen village Cap Malheureux – you will see the most enchanting chapel and some of the best views from the North of the island.

Where: North Coast – Tags: Grand Baie


Hindu Temple in Mauritius. Sagar Shiv Mandir in Poste de Flacq
Visit a Hindu temple! Sagar Shiv Mandir in Poste de Flacq, for example. A very special place, this temple located ‘in the water’. A small but lovely stop to see something else in Mauritius.

Where: East Coast – Tags: Hindu temple


The Story of Paul et Virginie, the two young Mauritian lovers, is worldwide known. It is a beautiful story and here I take you back in time. You get Mauritian history through a romance: you will learn all about the fate of the St Géran and the 2 lovers.

Where: North Coast


The Gardens of the State House of Mauritius are open rarely to visitors, but it is such a lovely place. Clean and well maintained gardens, you even get a peak in the actual house of the President of Republic of Mauritius.

Where: Central Mauritius


Chinese pagoda in Port Louis, Mauritius - Chinese Heritage
Visit the Chinese pagodas and learn about the Chinese Heritage in Port Louis. Something a bit different and that you might not expect to see in Mauritius.

Where: Port Louis


An intriguing story about The Slave Door – it will take you back to times when slavery was abolished in Mauritius, but you’ll notice that not everything changed overnight.

Where: Port Louis


Plan your visit at the Lighthouse in Albion, Mauritius - Plannifier une visite of share d'Albion, Maurice

A lovely little stop on the way up or down the west coast. A visit to the Lighthouse in Albion. Walks and beautiful views of the ocean.

Where: West Coast – Tags: Outdoor activity

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Markets and other discoveries around Mauritius

There are many walks to be done here and there in Mauritius. This time I take you through my old neighbourhood in Grand Baie. Check out the beach, a small temple and get a sense of what Mauritius really looks like! No filters needed.

Where: North Coast – Tags: Grand Baie


The small fish market in Grand Baie is worth a stop if just for the atmosphere. Located on the beach, you see the fishermen come in. A very ‘local’ experience – boats usually come in a little after 3pm.

Where: North Coast – Tags: Grand Baie


Spices for sale at the bazar in Port Louis -
The oldest market on the island: take to Port Louis and discover Mauritius daily life at the central market! All your sense will be hit at the bazar – food, Chinese medicine or Hindi stalls: there is so much to discover.

Where: Port Louis – Tags: Market

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Beaches in Mauritius

One of our favourite hang out spots: l’Ile aux cerfs – a small island just off the east coast – grab a small boat over from Pointe Maurice and enjoy a beautiful day (with or without the crowd!)

Where: East Coast


Mont Choisy Beach: Top 10 beaches in Mauritius. One of the best public beach on Mauritius.
One of the top 3 public beaches in the North of Mauritius – Mont Choisy beach is a beautiful quiet and long beach. Ideal for lazying in the sun and kids playing in the water!

Where: North Coast – Tags: Grand Baie


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6 thoughts on “Discover Mauritius

  1. Bec

    I have never had a tropical holiday before but Mauritius looks like the place I should be aiming for! It has perfect beaches for my youngest, history for my eldest, views for my husband to take photos of and markets for me!
    I love places that we can all visit and love as they can be so hard to find at times. Thank you for the inspiration!


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