Will it ever stop? 

This morning there was hope. This morning I even saw a tiny bit of sun, playing hide and seek behind the clouds. This morning I thought "yay!", finally it's over. But no. It started raining again. Even the gardener just ran away. The kids also decided it wasn't time to go back to school. They …

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When it really rains! 

UPDATE: so I was wrong... they have just closed the schools tomorrow. One more day of holidays!! Kids will be happy tomorrow.  Everybody is waiting on a torrential rain warning being issued for tonight and maybe tomorrow morning.... (doubt it though!). It would mean no school!  You see that big orange blob in the middle? …

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The Lady in Black

Even the weather today wanted to remember. Yesterday, the sun was shining and was hot on the skin, the temperatures were estival, like 150 years ago. Today, it's cold and windy - like a winter storm. 125 years ago, Mauritius was hit by one of the biggest cyclone in its history. This was before names and …

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