The Broken Bench

This is also Mauritius #6

A few months back driving back home after school Kiddos 2 suddenly shouted 'look mammy the red helicopter'. Except it wasn't a helicopter, but a cute little red temple at the top of a little hill. Why Kiddos 2 thought it looked like a helicopter, I don't know. But the little temple on the hill …

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Hiking Le Pouce with my new camera

It was my birthday not long ago and I got this awesome treat and spend the week-end at The Residence, a hotel on the East Coast. I also got a huge cake with a picture of a camera on the top as decoration. The idea was I had to wait another 6 weeks to our …

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Gardens of the State House of Mauritius

Visits to the State House are very rare. This year because of the 25 yrs anniversary of the Republic and next year's 50th anniversary of Independence, the State House hosted a week of family activities and even if we didn't join any of the festivities, we came to visit the gardens. They are big, and …

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