Recipe: Whole wheat banana muffins

Have you ever tried to bake muffins without eggs? or any other cakes for that matter? Well I nearly did today... and it was not one of my finest moments in the kitchen! I some how ended up with far more bananas that we could eat - being away over the week end - and …

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Healthy eating: refreshing quinoa salad

A quick and refreshing salad - a bit like a tabouleh actually but with quinoa instead. It is super easy to make, clean tastes and goes well with a grilled fish or roast chicken for example. Also served as a side dish for lunch. Ingredients:  1 cup quinoa 250g cherry tomatoes (cut in half or quarter) …

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Recipe: Easy soft rolls

I thought this morning with mother's day and all, it would be nice to have some fresh baked bread. As you might know, I like easy recipes and easy food and when I make I apply the same rules... Ingredients  500g bread flour 5g salt 30g sugar 10g instant yeast 250ml water 30ml oil How …

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