What to do in 3 days in Cape Town

Last February I was lucky enough to spend 3 days in Cape Town! It was my first time ever to South Africa and first time on mainland Africa since I was 9 and visited the Ivory Coast with my parents. Well this might not come to surprise to many, but it did to me: even …

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Saffron cheesecake, Amari by Vineet, Lux Belle Mare, Mauritius

Amari by Vineet @ Lux Belle Mare

Last night was date night! Yay! Once a week the kiddos stay at their grand parents. I think I have said this before, seriously the greatest thing about us being in Mauritius, is the proximity of husband's parents! I have never had the luxury of having family nearby to look after the kiddos - and …

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Pictures from the past: Stingrays

I am having one of these days where my brain doesn't seem capable of finishing a thought properly. I have started to posts in the past 24 hours and after the first few lines I get stuck.So instead I decided to look at an old memory card I found this week. I found all our …

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