The best tourist deal in Copenhagen: The Copenhagen Card

When I was doing research for my Denmark trip – I didn’t do too much because I had a pretty good idea on what I wanted to show to the kiddos, however there is one thing I knew was going to be expensive: public transportation. I was staying with my aunty in the north of Greater Copenhagen and basically a return trip for 20min on the regional train to the central station is DKK120 (that’s USD19), everyday plus the buses and metro, well it’s a big budget for 10 days – when you also need to pay entrance to attractions, lunch and what not.

So I started looking around and found this: The CopenhagenCard. Best thing ever to discover Copenhagen! If you plan on doing lots of attractions and museums in the city this will really help to make it cheaper.

What is it about?

  • The CopenhagenCard is a card for tourists in Copenhagen, and it is a super value! It gives you access to a lot of different museums and attractions.
  • Unlimited access to all public transportation in zones 1-99: which means anywhere you’d want to go when you visit Copenhagen.
  • It also gives you discounts for other museums, shops, restaurants etc.
  • You can choose cards valid from 1 to 4 days – and you have access to all the museum and attractions once per day. If you take a 4 day card = you have access to everything 4 days. (I’ll tell you why that is nice!)
View of Copenhagen - Visit Copenhagen
View of Copenhagen by Thomas Rousing Source: Copenhagen Media Center

How to buy the card?

There are 2 ways of buying the CopenhagenCard. You can either buy it in advance on their website – have it send or ready for pick up –, or you can go to one of their main redemption centres (there is one at the airport and 3 in central Copenhagen). As you can see on this map, there are many other sales points but they won’t guarantee that your chosen card is available. The main redemption centres are located right next to the Central Station.

You choose the amount of days you want the card for. The prices range from €53/adult, €27/child (10-15yrs) for 1 day to €120 (and €61) for 4 days. They also have a little calculator that tells you how much you save. 2 children under 9 go free on one adult card and that makes it a very good deal for families travelling with younger children. The first day starts at the first scanned attraction (and the date gets written on the card), and ends at the end of the hour on the last day of validity.

What is included?

  • 79 attractions and museums: every thing from Amalienborg (residence of her Majesty the Queen Margrethe 2) to all the canal tours, Den Blå Planet – the largest Aquarium in the North, the Planetarium, entrance to Tivoli, the Cathedral in Roskilde etc. You get a nice little booklet with all the attractions and it makes your planning very easy. And yes, you can do all the attractions once a day: fancy going back to the Planetarium to watch another 3D/4D movie in their dome theatre? you go! Want to go to Tivoli just for dinner, you have free entrance! There are many smaller museums you might not give a go, because this entrance, plus that, plus this ice cream – well it gets expensive! But with this card you’ll enjoy it so much more. I know that we did a lot more things with the kiddos just because I got the card.  To give you an idea, here is a list of the places we visited in 4 days on the card:
    – Canal tours (you several you can choose from): Netto bådene – Canal Tours Cph
    – The Royal Reception Rooms at Christiansborg
    – The Royal Stables at Christiansborg
    – The Ruins under Christiansborg
    Den Blå Planet (Aquarium)
    The Experimentarium in Hellerup
    – Geological Museum
    Tivoli (for walk around and dinner) – The thing we didn’t do was to spend a day at Tivoli while we had the card, for that it isn’t worth it.
    Tycho Brahe Planetarium along with the visit we watched a fab movie on the research for life in the universe – they screen several movies everyday. They sell headphones to get the translation in English as the movies are in Danish (DKK20 – if I remember well).
Holmens kirke, view from the canals in Copenhagen.
Holmens Kirke and Netto-bådene

We lived outside the city and really didn’t press on at all. We could have done more easily – we didn’t even venture to Roskilde or Helsingør – both places are less than 1 hour away from Copenhagen, so really not that far.
You can download the Copenhagen Card App from iTunes or Google Play : it well also help you to organise your trip.

  • Free transport! This is the thing that makes this card the best deal while visiting Copenhagen: all bus, train or metro are free, unlimited. Now Copenhagen is not really a big city and it is fairly easy to walk around, however taxis are super expensive and so is it as well if you just plan on using the public transports a little bit. Here you have a map of where you can go – and if you go out of this zone, then you just need to buy a ticket for the rest of the journey. You can plan all your trips on Public Transports in Denmark work very well. The trains are so clean and it’s well organised. The only thing: if you need to buy train tickets, the machines outside of Copenhagen rarely takes notes (or coins) – so you need a debit/credit card or you can buy them online and have the ticket on your phone. Bus tickets can be bought in the bus directly.
Included in the CopenhagenCard: Public Transport Copenhagen Zone 1-99
Public Transport Copenhagen Zone 1-99

As you can read I really enjoyed this card! Copenhagen (and Denmark) in general is an expensive destination – so whatever you can find to help along the way is really worth it. Even my Danish family thought it was an awesome deal.

Copenhagen Card - the best deal in Copenhagen





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