Time to go home! 

After a beautiful month in Europe, the travels go the other way. It also means, blog is reopening soon – lots of stories to tell!

For now, I am enjoying my last Danish snack at the SAS lounge in beautiful Copenhagen airport! Cheese, rye bread and a glass of beer! So Danish. 

Talk to you soon! 


13 thoughts on “Time to go home! 

    1. aww thanks! Happy to be back home – It has been amazing! – haha I have never heard about that. I know that my personal space in very important – but I don’t know if it like in our genes 😀 It might just be that we tend to be respectful of the rules, so if there is a yellow line, well we wait behind the yellow line-kind of behaviour

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      1. Haha… Genetic is not what I meant. Approximately 6 million Danish live in a relatively big country so distance between one house to another could be wider apart especially in the outskirts. Probably Danish people don’t stand too close to each other in a queue to respect each others space. Will need to measure to be sure 😀 It’s not the same in Asia. Sometimes people stand far too close for comfort or they push when getting into elevator or subway. People pack together like sardines in Tokyo subway.


  1. Yanika Muscat

    Short and sweet. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Europe. I am European and comes from Malta. Keep travelling and exploring. 🙂


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