This is also Mauritius #6

A few months back driving back home after school Kiddos 2 suddenly shouted ‘look mammy the red helicopter’. Except it wasn’t a helicopter, but a cute little red temple at the top of a little hill.

Temple on the hill
The Helicopter

Why Kiddos 2 thought it looked like a helicopter, I don’t know. But the little temple on the hill is not called anything else since.

If you are staying in a hotel on the east coast, there is a big chance that you will go through St Julien d’Hotman, the village where the helicopter is. It is actually a very cute little village. With sugar cane fields everywhere, a few very well kept Hindu temples. We drive through it everyday.

Sugar Cane fields, seen from the little temple on the hill
Views from the little temple


7 thoughts on “This is also Mauritius #6

  1. dolceandmasala

    Love Mauritius, but have not explored much beyond the beaches. The country side looks so lush! Great location for the temple.


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