Sugar Cane Field

The sugar cane began to flower a few weeks ago and thus the harvesting has started. The harvest will take till end of November/Beginning of December. Now I have been thinking a lot about where I was going to take a picture – and I have tried and failed many times. All the spots I thought about didn’t work out because I never knew that when the sugar came flower it would add 30cm in height to the actual plant. Well yes, I admit, I never studied sugar canes before.

I am waiting for one particular spot that I think will work perfect, but in case the field hasn’t completely flowered before we leave on holidays in beginning of July, well I had to find somewhere else. The trick is, I have to be higher that the field, because these plants are 3m high when they flower.

The effect is not what I am looking for, but the site is pretty and you can see a whole field. Thank you for those who moved this chimney stack to this place! By the way, these towers can be seen a little bit everywhere on the island, and are usually located where there was a sugar estate years back. In the 19th century there were over 300 of them on the island.

Sugar cane tower in MauritiusSugar Cane fieldSugar cane field in flower


10 thoughts on “Sugar Cane Field

    1. the Chimney is a really chimney: once the sugar cane is crushed – the water is separated from the dry matter, called bagasse – this bagasse is burned and the energy is used for generators for example. The chimney lets out the smoke/steam from the burning.


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