Our Final summer holiday itinerary

So there we are! Flights and hotels are booked, more important husband’s holidays are agreed to. Count down has begun: 23 days and a few hours and we should be on our way to the airport!

Our plans have changed quite a few times. They always do. Lucky kids need to get a few days off school early. Kiddos 2 likes the idea. Kiddos 1 wants to go to school even during the week-end. I had to find ways to make her feel excited too. I had looked on Amazon as I was on search for a travel diary for her. We did one ourselves a couple of years back when we went to Sri Lanka so I thought I could get something a little more organised for her. Anyways I couldn’t decide on one to order so I got her just a cute note book and when we’ll be in the UK I’ll have a look.


She got really excited because it’s pretty and wants to start writing in it! It’s fun to have a kid who likes to study – let’s hope it lasts. So now she happy and is helping me planning our trip. She thinks it’s cool that I am blogging – and she wants to help me by taking notes of things that are important to her. I might invite her to do a guest post, when we are back.


Our first stop, as you might know is the timeless city of Rome. I have bought a guide about Rome, something I have never done before. One of the things I find fascinating, while I read page after page of Rome’s history is the way so many of the edifices have a history through time. An early 4th century pagan temple, which in the 6th century becomes the vestibule to a Catholic church. The said church still stands today after renovation works in the 17th century and minor renovations after the second world war. How you just seem to travel through history: one century after another, following the Emperors and then the Popes. The wanna-be-historian, art lover in me is fascinated.

So! here it is my 4 weeks travel plan:

  • Mauritius – Rome
  • Rome – Paris
  • Paris – England
    Bath – Bicester – London – Windsor – or something like that
  • England – Denmark
    Billund – Roskilde – Copenhagen and surroundings
  • Denmark – Mauritius

Paris is a city I used to work in and I lived in the ‘banlieu’ – the suburbs – for 5 years. Still, as many places where I lived before become an expat, I have never really been a tourist there – I mean over the years I have done the obvious Eiffel tower or Musee d’Orsay. But I have never walked in the Tuileries Gardens, I have never been inside Notre Dame or really taken the time to stroll Montmartre. So a busy few days ahead, indeed.

London is another city I used to work in and we lived in the beautiful British countryside in Buckinghamshire. This is more like a family and friends/shopping/a bit of sightseeing kind of stop. We are not far from Windsor, that’s always a nice place to go and I have decided I want a day trip to Bath, I have never been and then we can make a stop at Stonehenge on the way.

and Denmark. Ah my home country – I have, for months, promised the kids a trip to Legoland. As you might know Lego is Danish and the park in Billund is the original park. I only went once when I was already a big kid. The word LEGO is made out of two words: ‘LEJ’ and ‘GODT’, that means Play Well. Then it will be train time and the first stop is Roskilde – a town about 30km from Copenhagen. I am very excited to show my children where I come from. Because of the countries where we lived and because my parents and sister don’t live there, well I haven’t had the opportunity to go back.

Any holidays coming up for you? How are you deciding where to go and how do you plan?


20 thoughts on “Our Final summer holiday itinerary

    1. I know! And i agree… but we come from far and don’t know when we can do it again. So we need to squeeze in as much as possible. Usually i like taking my time, but that’s luxury nowadays…

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      1. Totally understand, especially if work is involved – time is a luxury. I also come from afar but currently in the UK until 4th July, then back to Southern Italy. We left Australia back in March 2014.


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