A walk on the beach

I think winter is coming. Well of course winter is coming! in a couple of weeks it will be the June solstice and winter will be upon us. I don’t care for winter in the tropics. It gets rainier, colder, windier – not all the time but we have a serious temperature drop. I long for sunshine already! Today the ocean is as grey as the sky.

A couple of weeks back, on a beautiful, sunny and warm day,  I went for a walk on the beach close to our house. I usually walk one way, this time I took left instead of right. The reason was I wanted to see Sagar Shiv Mandir, the temple I visited in May. I’ll still have to go back because I got a new camera since, with a lens and the whole thing and now I can get a much better shot.

Segar Shiv Mandir, view from St Géran
Segar Shiv Mandir

Segar Shiv Mandir Temple

Still, it was a very nice stroll, just a few kilometres. I walked past Belle Mare Plage Hotel, and all the way along the shore to the St Géran, our local One and Only resort. It is closed for renovations at the moment.

There are some really nice and quiet beaches on the way. Some places you have these funny looking stone formations. I suppose it is old lava – but cannot say for sure. Other places the sand is so fine that your feet sink a few centimetres, it reminded me of the Maldives. You also have some cute small natural pools.

A very agreeable little walk. The kiddos would love this walk. The beaches are surprisingly clean considering nobody really looks after them. There are a few private houses along the way who have some very nice views.

I love the shades of the ocean and how much the colour changes with the weather – the colours are so clear and crisp.



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