Fish Market in Grand Bay

Yesterday we went for a little drive and ended up in Grand Bay. When we lived there I used to go to the fish market all the time. Now this is not a big market, but the place where the fisher men come in after their day’s work and sell their catch.

The little market is located just in the center of the town, by the beach. Many restaurants, even smaller hotels, come and by from these guys so it goes very fast. They usually come around 3:30-4:30pm depending a bit on how much they caught.

Yesterday there was plentiful! The price varies and depends on many things – first on what fish you buy obviously. But also if you are a tourist or a local. Even me, even though they know I have a Mauritian husband they always try their luck and see if they can get $1 or 2 more per kilo. Our favourite is the local Garoupa – it is called ‘vieille rouge’ or ‘the old red’. The meat is firm, but not too hard and the taste is just amazing. You can also get parrot fish. These are the guys you can thank that we have beaches: they eat coral and poop sand out. They are great for homemade fish balls. Kids like this because it is just so soft to eat, it melts in your mouth nearly.


Yesterday’s selling price for a pound ‘vieille rouge’ was Rs225-250 (USD6.50).  We either just steam with scallions and ginger or fillet the fish and pan fry. They also get octopus, squid, tuna, hogfish.

They gut them and clean them for you as well.

A part from the fish market there are some really nice stalls with Mauritian street food.


The little beach of Grand Bay is very popular with the locals, not so with tourists – I guess it’s because there are so many boats mooring. We like to come and have a snack and just enjoy sitting on the beach. Many tourist come to walk though, buy a coconut or have lunch.



I always liked take pictures in this little bay – it is just so pretty and for sunset I just love the light that comes in.

taxi tam tam


17 thoughts on “Fish Market in Grand Bay

    1. my husband strongly believes his fish (like from his island: Mauritius) are tastier than those in the North because of the colours 🙂 but I agree with you, i love the colours too


  1. Being both shy and Canadian I struggle with markets – I hate bargaining or haggling, so I always end up paying full price. My husband, however, never met a price he couldn’t lower, and he lives for the thrill of the (bargain) hunt, so he adores small markets where he can engage with locals. Even if he doesn’t end up getting a deal, he just enjoys the act of connecting with new people. 🙂

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    1. I am a terrible haggler as well but my husband loves it!! Just like you 🙂 when i am given a price, i expect it to be the right one and that’s it, if am ok with the price I pay or I just walk away haha. But i still like the ambiance of a market.


  2. I love to get fish at markets! I am envious at the prices you pay. Some prices in here are over the top, so, we get white fish a lot of times. Good thing is that the steaming or frying is included on the price in here. #FarawayFiles


  3. There is nothing better than fresh fish straight from the market. I love this window into Mauritian life, even the cheeky way the vendors try and scam a few dollars out of you. I’d love to sit on that beach and take photos too. Thanks for joining #FarawayFiles


  4. Seafood, and sunsets by the water… can life be any more relaxed? This little fishing village seems so chilled out, but the locals must rely heavily on tourists. Thanks for letting me get a glimpse into Mauritian life. #FarawayFiles


    1. Tourism and Sugar cane is what Mauritius lives off. Grand Bay is one of the most touristic areas, even I feel like I am on holidays when I go 🙂 and you are welcome! glad you stopped by.


  5. Oooh – so lovely. I can see why you love the Bay also – the boats make a better photo! I adore fresh fish from the market and we try to buy some wherever we go (if it’s a place where fish is local!) – I’m guessing I would probably pay the extra price here though! Thanks for sharing – love this post. Cheers from Copenhagen, Erin #FarawayFiles


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