Getaway to Reunion Island: Discover the Waterfall of Grand Galet at Langevin

After a very rainy day, we woke up happy to a radiant sunshine and decided to take a drive up the mountains to see the waterfall of Grand Galet, at Langevin. It was a very scenic route, a tiny tiny road at times, winding as I have rarely seen and super steep. Some people hike up, others hike down, the third ones hike down through the water. That looked awesome to do and is also accessible for kids. If I had known about it, I would have done it with Kiddos 1. When you look at the pictures you can get an idea. There are jumps and slides – for the kid in me it looked like the perfect thing! You can have a look at this website, if you are interested to do it – the site is in French though.

Anyway, today’s post is mostly about the pictures to enjoy the scenery. Even the kids didn’t complain too much about the drive up. It took approximately 30-40 minutes from the closest city St Joseph to get up there.

The mountains are very free on Reunion Island and you can basically walk everywhere you want. Some places are better with guides of course, but others as long as you are fit represent no problem at all. There are lots of guide books and maps around to help everyone out.

We were at the end of the rainy season so the waterfalls were not huge, but still a beautiful sight! We spend a couple of hours fooling around on the stones and in the forest. Both kids absolutely loved getting so close to the waterfalls and being able to walk on the stones and the water. It was a bit slippery though, so good shoes are a must. Lots of locals come up with picnics and enjoy the nature.

On the way up I noticed this little prayer place, dedicated to Virgin Mary and thought it was just lovely. Just like that in the nature, in a little cave. By the look of it, it is used very often.

Finally it was lunch time! Yes, more food… I am not going to bother you with too many foodie pictures – but want to mention the restaurant. We stopped ‘Chez Jim‘, local food of course and had an awesome meal, a nice cold beer and the kids had the local lemonade.

Finally in the garden behind the restaurant, we met a cute little chameleon, the Furcifer pardalis. It is called ‘l’endormi‘ (the sleeping), by the locals, probably because it sits very still and looks like it is taking a nap. It is endemic to Madagascar and was introduced on the island in the 17th century. We met a lady who told us there are lots of small ones in that area and really worth looking for – but please never use a flash when taking pictures, because it goes blind!


We found a couple, but sadly this is my only decent shot! It is not always easy to get those mobile phones to do what we want.

Next time I take you around Piton de Grand Anse, a little hike I did with Kiddos 1.

15 thoughts on “Getaway to Reunion Island: Discover the Waterfall of Grand Galet at Langevin

    1. The nature is so beautiful!! Everything so green and so plentiful 🙂 the shrines add a little special side to the places 🙂 Wait till i tell about the valcano! Religion has a very big part on our small islands


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