Mother day’s lunch

It wasn’t technically mother’s day yesterday here in Mauritius. The big thing is happening on 28 May. But one of the advantages of the expat life is definitely several mother days! Haha… well nearly because the downside is everyone agrees that actually I was already celebrated in March for the British one or I will probably be for the next one – so I kind of end up with a little bit of celebration on the different days. Anyways we did make it for dim sum yesterday, which is always a treat. Not Hong Kong or Singapore nice, but nice with the little Mauritian twist. 

There are a 2 places where you can get a decent dim sum in Mauritius at the moment. You always know, because the places are sold out and filled up with the Chinese-Mauritian. The community is not as big as it once was, thus there are unfortunately fewer places to go. Many of my husband’s generation and even before that of his parent’s generation left Mauritius to study and never came back. This is not only true for the Chinese-Mauritian but the percentage seems higher though. For many reasons. For example in my husband’s family: on my mother in laws side with 6 kids: only 2 are left, there are 2 brothers in France, one in the Uk and a sister on Reunion Island. The 2 left here they have 4 children in all and 3 are abroad, only my husband being here. None are expected to come back to live and we will be moving on again (one day), but I would come back and settle down. I like the island a lot.

Back to the food…

So yesterday, we went to Grand Ocean. The restaurant is located in Le Caudan Waterfront, in Port Louis. It is on the second floor of the building of the picture. Now as many local restaurants on the island, there really isn’t anything beautiful about them, so even though the food is okay the actual restaurants have nothing charming. (there are of course exception, and I talk about local places not tourist/expat restaurants).

Dim Sum is all about eating lots, so here are a few pictures of what we had. It is usually steamed dumplings or deep fried. The waiters walk around with all the dishes on trolleys and you choose what you want.

 and cut meets like roast pork or honey glazed, for example.

When we eat dim sum I tend to eat for too much, and that was also the case yesterday!


7 thoughts on “Mother day’s lunch

  1. Skyring

    We have something similar, where the waiters walk around with a trolley full of great tucker and the diners pick what they wish. It is called “yum cha” here, which I am told means “drink tea”. Not sure about that, but I am positive about the “yum”!


    1. Yes i always wondered where the yum cha came from!! first time i heard it was when we lived in Bali and i met an Aussie girl who used the term… i was like what? I like Dim Sum a lot!!! We are in London at moment and stay in Leceister Square. Am having lots of Yum Cha!


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