Hindu Temple in Mauritius: Sagar Shiv Mandir

In our small town, hidden at the end of a road, after the school and the football pitch, the playground and a guy who collects scrap metal, over a small bridge, you will find a lovely temple. For those who read my blog a little regularly, you already know that there is a nice guy there who will look after your car should you ever leave the doors open! – read about my ‘open car door adventures’ here.


I actually went to visit because there was a Tamil festival last week, Sittirai Cavadee, I was a bit nosy and wanted to see what was going on. Well I have since done some research and decided I will do the post next year, just because I didn’t know enough about it 🙂 But I can still show you this little jewel.

Mauritius is not the only to have such a temple – the oh-so-amazing (not really) source of information Wikipedia, shows a link to another similar temple in Trinidad and Tobago. It is completely surrounded by the ocean and I suspect that at really high tides some water will come up to the stairs. I looked at some old pictures and it used to – they have since made some arrangements, but I suspect it might still happen at very high tides.

Source: Wikipedia 

The temple is not very old, it was build in 2007 (that’s probably when the picture was from) and is a very pretty sight. The temple is located on a small island named ‘Ile au Goyave de Chine’ in a small bay with 2 very famous hotels around it. On the left you have the Prince Maurice and on the right, one of the first luxury hotel on the island, the iconic Saint Géran – from the name of my favourite shipwreck in the story of Paul et Virginie.

It was build in honour to Lord Shiva. The temple is in a very serene location, it is one place made to just relax and let time pass slowly.

A little peak at the temple…

Hindu Mauritians girls at the temple to celebrate Sitirai Cavadee
Hindu Temple in Mauritius - Sagar Shiv Mandir in Poste de Flacq
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