Sagar Shiv Mandir

In our small local town, hidden at the end of a road, after the school and the football pitch, the playground and a guy who collects scrap metal, over a small bridge, you will find a lovely temple. For those who read my blog a little regularly, you already know that there is a nice guy there who will look after your car should you ever leave the doors open!


I actually went to visit because there was a Tamil festival last week, Sittirai Cavadee, I was a bit nosy and wanted to see what was going on. Well I have since done some research and decided I will do the post next year, just because I didn’t know enough about it 🙂 But I can still show you this little jewel.

Mauritius is not the only to have such a temple – the oh-so-amazing (not really) source of information Wikipedia, shows a link to another similar temple in Trinidad and Tobago. It is completely surrounded by the ocean and I suspect that at really high tides some water will come up to the stairs. I looked at some old pictures and it used to – they have since made some arrangements, but I suspect it might still happen.

Source: Wikipedia 

The temple is not very old, was build in 2007 (that’s probably when the picture was from) and is a very pretty sight. The temple is located on a small island named ‘Ile au Goyave de Chine’ in a small bay with 2 very famous hotels around it. On the left you have the Prince Maurice and on the right, one of the first luxury hotel on the island, the iconic Saint Géran.

It was build in honour to Lord Shiva. The temple is in a very serene location, it is one place made to just relax and let time pass slowly.

A little peak at the temple…

These girls were there to celebrate Sitirai Cavadee

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