This is also Mauritius #3

January 2017, L’Ile aux cerfs, Mauritius


A very touristic, but still lovely place to hang out.


10 thoughts on “This is also Mauritius #3

      1. I hear that, all the way from California. We’ve been having beautiful warm days and then the temperatures dropped drastically overnight with forecasts of rain and chill. sigh…


      2. I used to live in LA and i remember i was surprised when it was coldish as i arrived in Jan. I thought it was always 30 obviously my cold is not everybody else’s cold 😂

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      3. I think we are alike there. 🙂 I am used to warm/hot weather about 70% of the year, and when I moved to Santa Barbara, I would be wearing sweatshirts and complaining about the cold when it was 70 degrees f. Meanwhile everyone else was wearing shorts and basking in the sun. 😛


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