Will it ever stop? 

This morning there was hope. This morning I even saw a tiny bit of sun, playing hide and seek behind the clouds. This morning I thought “yay!”, finally it’s over.

But no.

It started raining again.

Even the gardener just ran away.

The kids also decided it wasn’t time to go back to school. They both have a fever, a horrid cough, a runny nose. So we haven’t really been out for a few days. And ‘ahhhhh!’, I have had it!

After making sure my 2 kiddos are comfortable, starting my yogurts, preparing the food for the pets, cooking congee (chinese rice soup) for the kids lunch – I finally sit down with my second pot on coffee and my breakfast. I open the newspaper…

and they predict more heavy showers for this afternoon!

Source: lexpress.mu

Seriously, all you peops out there who live in countries where bad weather is the norm – how do you do it!? We are on day 5 (not that I am counting or anything) and I start to really feel that I miss the sunshine.


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