Zorba the Greek

Before leaving for Reunion Island I met up with a few friends for a girly lunch. We met at Zorba’s Resto in Grand Baie. The restaurant is in the city, just next to the Police Station. There is sitting space upstairs and downstairs, as well as a small car park in the back.


After we went I read an article in the papers and a new chef has just taken over. Let me tell you it was really nice food – tasty and light, and well priced as well – for a non local restaurant it was not expensive at all. As a bonus you get a super view.

The bay of Grand Baie – is iconic in the North

We only had starters that we shared: hummous, tirokafteri and other spreads; spanakopita and chickpea fritters. The pita bread is homemade and very nice!

I really like Greek food and want to go back to try more things. So I think you can expect another post about Zorba in the future!

As I was going through my pictures for my post, I found another picture on my phone. I have absolutely no memory of taking it so I think it’s something a friend of mine posted on Facebook. I know however why I have it on my phone. I have written about the animal before – it is probably my favourite ocean animal. I find it so beautiful and fascinating – a gentle giant.


My kiddos have done a couple of awesome things in their short lifes. This is one of them. My little girl out snorkelling. She is a true adventurer.


8 thoughts on “Zorba the Greek

    1. I don’t think i had ever tasted spanikopita before. I actually think it was first time I went to a Greek restaurant. I have had greek food but never in a restaurant 😋 – i really enjoyed all of it.

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