Back home

It is always such a nice feeling to be back home. Home to our pets that were very missed by the kiddos. Don’t think you have met them yet… so here we are, a formal presentation.

DJ, our German Sheppard. He is such a sweet dog. He was abused before we got him, so he is unfortunately a bit funny with strangers – not to say: he doesn’t like anybody, a part from adoptive family and a select few. When we got him, it took me 3 hours just to get close to him and being able to feed him.

Sparkles, our little rescue cat. She was stuck underneath a wooden deck and I had hubby to take it a part so I could save her. She has given the kiddos (and me) so much joy. She is very loud – never have I had a cat that spoke so much! She loves her outdoor life and comes home for food and shelter during the day.

And then there is the view from my bedroom. I love my view. It makes me want to get up in the morning, to see this beautiful view.

Being back home also means that holidays are over soon. They always go to fast. Kiddos 1 has a presentation to finish for school and then next week is up at awful o’clock again. At least, the coming term is not as long as the past one and we even have a break in the middle.

So, back to our little routine and happy after a fabulous, but too short break.


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