The little bug! 

April 2017, Pointe de Flacq, Mauritius

Suddenly in that split second it took me to press the shutter, it was there. Cute little bug!


6 thoughts on “The little bug! 

      1. Congrats on your daughter’s wedding!! very nice honeymoon destination 🙂 do you know where they are staying? I have to dig out my pics and will post some for you!

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      2. Thanks I adore her hubby!! They’re at the grand Bali and have shown me some crazy photos of the monkey forest, and other stuff I have to look up the names but I’m also curious about what everyday life is like there probably more than anything. She says traffic is scary though 😄. What a fascinating life you guys live!!!

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      3. Oki no worries will find some things to share 🙂 traffic is horrendous, you mean. Was bad back then, so can only imagine now!! Our life has it’s good and not so good sides but i enjoy it a lot! Thanks

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