The Bird in the sky

Living on the east coast comes with its fair share of wind. In the high of the summer it is very nice because even though it’s 32-34 degrees, the wind takes the edge of the heat. The before and after season are very agreeable. In the winter it is probably the coldest coastal region on the island – that means still warmer than your average UK summer day. In the evening you need trousers and a shawl though. I love living here. It’s not as crowded as the oter parts of the island and the nature is also preserved. It has a wilderness to it, as the South does.

Wind equals kite of course. The kids are really enjoying it and are getting quite good actually. Here are a few pictures of last week’s fun. It is a great and inexpensive way of spending time outside (past the actual kite investment of course).

This place is great to launch the kite and not too far from our house.

The views along this coast are just beautiful.


5 thoughts on “The Bird in the sky

    1. Ooh in Bali there was the same!!! Kites everywhere, awesome 🙂 is it a religious festival? just asking as Bali is Hindu as well… I never thought to ask anybody there! Glad you liked the pics and it brought back some memories!

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