Lunch @ Indigo, Belle Mare Plage

Another hotel located not far from our house is the Belle Mare Plage, run by the Mauritian company Constance Hotels and Resorts. It has always been one of my favourite hotels on the island. I love the vibe, the tranquility of the place. First time we were here was back in 2006 when we were on holidays in Mauritius, and we had a fabulous time. I had upgraded one night in a villa with private butler and cook as a surprise for my then future husband and it was awesome!!

Husband could have lunch with me – doesn’t happen often! – and we decided to meet at Indigo. The restaurant has a lovely setting by the pool and the ocean. The views are gorgeous. All the restaurants (and the lobby I think) were redesigned last year and they have done an awesome job.

The gorgeous view

The service was personal and efficient. They are very professional, the restaurant was pretty much full and still no-one was in a rush, a true holiday mode – the great thing about living on a small island.

The menu is diverse and I think that everyone can find something to taste – it is very fish/seafood orientated though, but there are also meats and pizzas.

I had ceviche, served in a copper bowl (not the right wording!! but I cannot remember what the term is) and it was very refreshing. Perfect for my style of lunch. Husband, who eats a bit more than me, had a fish carpaccio and grilled fish as main. All was very tasty and the fish very well executed.

Price wise, I cannot remember the exact prices but a starter is around Rs800 and a main along Rs1200-1400. It is expensive for Mauritius if you look at local restaurants, but this is a 5star hotel and their prices are the same as other hotels of that category.

A lovely place for lunch! and definitely a hotel worth considering if you plan on visiting Mauritius.

(just as a note, I have not been asked or rewarded to do this review. This is my honest opinion).

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