Albion Lighthouse

Located 30 minutes drive south of Port Louis, it can make a good little stop on the way down south.


To visit the lighthouse you have to request permission with the Mauritius Port Authority and you will receive the authorisation by letter. My kiddos really want to visit so I guess I have to make a request! Otherwise there are a couple of walks to do in the area – right or left of the light house. The scenery is beautiful. And who doesn’t like a lighthouse?

The official name is the Lighthouse of Pointe aux caves. It was inaugurated in 1910 and is the pride of the area. The building is 30m high and is still in use today to direct the boats. The view at the top goes from Le Morne in the South to Gunner’s Point at the North of the Island. It must be quite something!

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We were there during the day, but if it fits into a schedule it’s a perfect place to see the sunset.

This post has been ready for a few days, but just before the week end I noticed an article in Côte Nord (a Mauritian tourism and art de vivre magazine) about the lighthouse. I wanted to read it first, see if there was anything interesting in it. And yes, they talk about Polka, the guard of the lighthouse. The man you’d meet if ever you were to visit the place. He has been looking after the site for now 25 years and his story is touching: he came from an extremely poor family in Petite Rivière and would come all the way to the lighthouse to look for food for his sheep – he got to know the guard at that time who started to give him small jobs around the site and later on explaining him the way the lighthouse worked. When the man retired he put Polka in front for the job and he got it.


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16 thoughts on “Albion Lighthouse

  1. travelingchristie

    Ah I would love to visit what a lovely story, Polka seems to be an integral part of the LightHouse, Thanks so much for linking up #MondayEscapes x


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