Week-end Trip to Cape Town, first night

My first night I stayed at the Sugar Hotel. It is located conveniently between the V&A Waterfront and the city centre. Hotels are quite expensive in Cape Town, and this hotel was very good value for money and more it has an excellent restaurant – Marc’s Table, which for me, as solo traveller was important, this way I didn’t have to venture out in Cape Town at night. Nkosi, whom I guess is either the owner or the manager, is very good at his job, very hospitable. I send a few email before I got there and he helped me organise all I needed – even when I changed my mind.

my room

My other pictures, unfortunately, are nothing to be particularly proud of (not that this is the best hotel room shot I have ever done!) – I obviously didn’t have my blogger cap on. The bathroom was very big and I fell in love with their amenities by Charlotte Rhys. I found some to bring back at the Made in SA shop in the mall at the V&A Waterfront. I also found out that there is a wholesaler here in Mauritius! Convenient.


They have a small treatment room and the lady there is actually pretty good. I had a back massage and a facial – and again for the price it was very good value.

Food wise! An awesome little restaurant, serving breakfast and dinner with both indoor and outdoor sitting place. Too cold for me to sit outside, though I guess if you have your breakfast at a normal holiday time, the place is just perfect! The food was excellent, really. They have a nice wine carte as well.

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For dinner I had kingklip, a fish I had never tried but I found very tasty, firm and not ‘fishy’. I use the word so I guess I understand it – but it has always made me smile to describe a fish as not fishy. Kingklip is apparently the most popular fish in South Africa; the name comes from Dutch ‘koningklipvisch’ – literally: king of the rocks fish.

If there is one thing that South African chefs know how to do, it is season their food. Not once on my foodie binge in Cape Town, did I have something too salty or not enough, quite a change from Mauritius, where everybody uses Ajinomoto like it was air. And the guy’s bread!!! It was amazing, you could go just to eat his bread – I had it fresh in the evening and toasted for breakfast, it was just good…. Let me tell you a little secret: I even ate orange marmalade (my big pet hate). Or maybe am just get old and I actually have to accept the fact that I am adult enough now to eat marmalade. I don’t know why, but I just always pictured jam like the kids’ spread and marmalade for the adults. So sigh, I am in my fourth decade, and yes I do get old. Bummer – I stopped counting when I got to 25… thought that meant something.

Anyways, breakfast was included in the rate and it is a la carte – simple but appetising.

IMG_3899 2
The awesome bread
IMG_3900 2
Kingklip, green salsa and oven baked vegetables

My breakfast looked like this…

IMG_3963 2
Bread and marmalade

IMG_3962 2

I left early the next morning – jet-lag got the best of me and I was up at 4am – haha so much for sleeping in when the kids are not around!!! I stored my luggage and came back late afternoon to get it. Transferring to my other hotel to meet the husband… cannot compare the not comparable. Welcome to Luxury world of The One and Only Cape Town.

A glass of Le Lude rosé– that stuff is nice…

But first my beautiful friday tour of Cape Town…



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