First Post

I have been truly loyal to Blogger since my really first post in 2009 when we left the UK to move to Amman, capital of Jordan – our first ‘adult’ expat story. Job for the hubby, baby to look after for me. Beautiful Jordan, a country neither of us had ever been to and we both enjoyed so much. Over the years, I have been blogging a bit here and a bit there, but last week decided I really wanted to get back to it. So I started my old blogger blog, published a couple of posts and after 10 times trying to load some pics to my finished, written 3rd post about ovens and chocolate muffins, I got so fed up and decided to start fresh and here is my first post on my brand new blog (the post about the ovens will come soon, promise!).

So here we are… To start with maybe a few lines of presentation for those reading the first post… I am from little Scandinavian Kingdom of Denmark; my husband and friend of 20 years is from little Republic of Mauritius. We have got 2 amazing kiddos. Kiddos 1, a truly lovely and smart little girl, aged 7; Kiddos 2, a funny and witted little boy, aged 5. My first expat move was with my parents when I was 5, I suppose. My husband moved to Europe to study at 19 – so we have quite a few years and countries in our wandering. Hopefully, many more to come!

At the moment we live in Mauritius. Not a planned move, but life has a way of throwing things at you sometimes and it happened… I arrived in January last year with the kiddos and the husband joined us in June. So far so good – life is easy here, easier than in other places we have lived. The most amazing thing here being… Grand Parents! We have never lived in the same country as family since we had the children, so this is truly something to celebrate.

Anyways, I hope you’ll drop by once in a while to have a read – hopefully I can bring a little bit of sunshine to you, from my tropical, paradise island…

My 2 kiddos, enjoying their island life

7 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Derek Richards

    Just found your Blog, we are heading for Mauritious next Wednesday for 10 days holidays, so its given me background info. Never been before, looking forward to it


  2. Hi Julz! Being a Mauritius fan, I’m happy to have found your blog. By the way, thanks for liking my write up on it and for following my site. Later this year I’ll be back in your beautiful island, so I’m looking forward to any interesting tip I may discover through your posts.


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